A Lack of This Nutrient Can Make You Look Older Than You Are

Did you know that you can keep your face smooth, healthy, and spotless with the help of food? Let’s see what’s on the menu for perfect skin!

We recently talked about some foods that can help make your skin pretty and free of spots, acne and even wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen is an important protein for the proper functioning of the body and preventing premature aging. We associate this protein, produced by our bodies, with firm skin since it is its most known benefit.

But collagen is also responsible for keeping our tendons, cartilage, and conjunctive tissues healthy. We could say it is the “glue” that keeps our bodies together. Did you know that?

Let’s see the 7 best foods that you should add to your diet to get more collagen.


Garlic contains sulfur, which is essential for collagen formation in the human body. But that’s not all: it also contains taurine and lipoic acid, two compounds that can reconstruct damaged collagen fibers.

Orange vegetables

Orange-colored vegetables, like carrots and pumpkin, are sources of vitamin A, capable of restoring and regenerating damaged collagen.

Dark-green vegetables

Dark-green vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, and kale, are sources of vitamin C, which, as we already said, work on collagen formation. They are also rich in other essential vitamins for the proper functioning of the body.

Tomato, pepper, and beet

This group contains lycopene, an antioxidant that works as a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin against sun damage. At the same time, they increase the collagen levels in the body.


Oat is a source of silica, one of the nutrients necessary for forming collagen. Besides, it contributes to weight loss since it is rich in fiber, which causes a sensation of satiety and helps curb the appetite.

Nuts and almonds

Besides being a source of vitamin E, key for collagen production, nuts and almonds also have good fats that aid in keeping the skin young. The recommendation is to consume around 1/3 of a cup of nuts per day.

Red berries

Red berries, like strawberry and blackberry, are a source of vitamin C and flavonoids. These have antioxidant action, which fights the free radicals and premature aging. Besides, vitamin C stimulates collagen production, as we saw before.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits have vitamin C, necessary for the synthesis of proteins that get turned into collagen. The recommendation is to eat three or four portions of citrus fruits a day.

However, people who suffer from gastritis should avoid these foods since they can cause stomachache.

If your aim is to have healthier skin and avoid premature aging, add these foods to your diet and share your experience with us.

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