A Simple Trick To Remove All Hair And Lint From Clothes

Can’t get your hair out of your clothes?

Learn 4 infallible tricks! Who has never suffered from removing hair from his clothes?

Who has never picked up a piece of clothing to get dressed and found hair on it?

Even if at first glance it doesn’t seem to be a serious problem, clothing with hair is a sign of carelessness for many people. This usually happens when we have pets like cats and dogs at home.

For this reason, we decided to create this video with 4 tricks and a bonus tip at the end of the video to help you.

Here you’ll learn how to solve this problem:

Use your own hands

If you only have a few hairs on your clothes or they’re only on a certain part of the garment, you can remove them with your own hands.

A good tip is to wet your palm and wipe the clothes from the bottom up. This way you can quickly remove most of the hairs.

Use rubber gloves

The famous yellow gloves used for cleaning are also great allies when it comes to removing hair from clothes.

To do this, put on the gloves and wipe your hands over the garment from top to bottom. When the dirt accumulates on the gloves, throw away the residue and repeat the process until there’s no more hair on the fabric.

This type of cleaning works because of static: the friction between the glove rubber and the fabric creates an energy that can loosen the hair from the glove.

This method is suitable not only for removing hair on black clothes, but also for bedspreads and the sofa.

Use the kitchen sponge

This is a very common trick to remove hair from clothes. And the best part is that it doesn’t harm even the most delicate fabrics. Since it’s a very common item, you can even use it outside your home or on a trip.

It’s important that you use a new sponge, as used sponges can stain. The sponge must be damp and use the soft (yellow) side for removal.

Use adhesive tape

Not only does duct tape stick to dog hair very easily because it’s thicker, but it’s also a great trick for those in a hurry. Just use a medium sized piece of duct tape.

Press the tape onto the part of the fabric with the hair and gently pull it. The downside is that you may not be able to remove all the hair with the tape, but most of it’ll come off.

And finally, the extra bonus: This is a very useful method for people with pets or for people who usually wear dark clothes.

Just put a wet wipe in the washing machine before you start the wash cycle. Your clothes will be free of hair and lint.

Wet tissues help remove small pieces of lint and strands of hair from clothing. They act as a kind of absorbent that cleans the fabric.

These hairs then stick to the wet tissues. Amazing, isn’t it? Put no more than 3 wet tissues in the washing machine.

When the wash cycle starts, they’ll mix with the clothes and begin to absorb hair and lint. To get good results, you should use new wet tissues with each new wash cycle.

Give it a try and share your experience with us! If you’ve made it this far, leave it in the comments: HAIR!

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