All You Need Is A Towel To Lower Your Blood Pressure

More and more people are having health issues, and one of the most common is altered blood pressure.

You probably know someone who has high blood pressure, don’t you? Even you can have it.

In a recent video, we talked about some of the uncommon causes of high blood pressure, did you watch it?

On our channel, we also taught you how to do a simple exercise to see if your blood pressure is high, even without a monitor.

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Blood pressure is nothing more than the pumping system, whose function is to transport blood through the heart and arteries while taking this blood flow to the brain and other organs.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80. If your levels are different from that, you may have hypertension (high blood pressure), above 140/90, or hypotension (low blood pressure), with levels below 90/60.

The symptoms of high and low blood pressure are different.

Low blood pressure usually gives a fainting sensation, weakness, drowsiness, blurred vision, and dry mouth.

High blood pressure gives double or blurred vision, ringing in the ear, heart palpitations, persistent headache, and pain in the back of the neck.

However, you don’t necessarily have to be hypertensive to have alterations in your blood pressure.

For example, stressful situations can make blood pressure rise, putting you at risk of brain, heart, and kidney lesions.

Because of that, it is always a good idea to have some natural techniques to control your blood pressure and keep any serious complications away.

An easy technique that you can do at home is the isometric handgrip exercise. Super quick and easy!

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According to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, this isometric handgrip exercise you will see, is efficient to lower blood pressure in men and women of all ages.

For this exercise, all you need is a small face towel and 10 minutes of your time. Fold the towel twice in the horizontal and once in the vertical, then roll it into a cylinder.

After that, hold the towel with one of your hands, stretch your arm out at chest level. Avoid your thumb and fingers from touching. Press the towel and keep the pressure for two minutes, then rest for a minute.

Repeat the exercise three times on each hand, alternating between right and left hand each time.

Remember to not hold your breath while doing this exercise, or your blood pressure will go up, okay?

Do this exercise once a day, three times a week, to see the difference. This exercise works because you use the arm muscles to apply force to the towel with your hands, lowering the blood flow.

When you release your grip, the blood immediately flows through the body, producing nitric oxide in the blood vessels’ walls.

Nitric oxide is an essential molecule for our health as it acts as a vasodilator.

It helps relax blood vessels, allowing blood, nutrients, and oxygen to flow freely around the body, lowering blood pressure.

Besides that, maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and practice physical activities, such as a simple walk.

Whenever possible, do this test and seek medical help to investigate any changes in your blood pressure.