Eat These Fruits To Help Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

In today’s video you’ll learn about 7 fruits that lower high blood pressure!

Everything we eat in our daily lives is closely related to our blood pressure. Some foods can raise your blood pressure, others can lower it.

Did you know that? Tell me about it: do you have high blood pressure yourself or know someone else who does?

Does anyone in your family suffer from it? If you have high blood pressure or even suffer from blood pressure spikes, this video is for you!

Did you know that diet can also affect your blood pressure?

In today’s video, you’ll learn about the 7 best fruits for people with high blood pressure.

Eating blood pressure lowering foods is one of the easiest things you can do to control high blood pressure naturally.

More than 1 billion people worldwide have high blood pressure – that’s one-third of the world’s adult population. Scary, isn’t it?

High blood pressure is considered one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and premature mortality.

Studies show that including certain foods in the diet, especially those rich in potassium and magnesium, is an effective way to lower blood pressure.

Learn more about the 7 best fruits that help control blood pressure:


Bananas contain a lot of potassium, a mineral that plays an important role in controlling high blood pressure.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits are good foods that lower blood pressure. A study conducted in Japan in 2014 showed that women who took daily walks and consumed lemon juice had lower blood pressure.

Another citrus fruit that lowers blood pressure is passion fruit. This is because it’s rich in potassium and fiber, which helps remove cholesterol from the arteries, thinning the blood and reducing the risk of heart attacks.


Kiwi is another fruit that, according to one study, can lower blood pressure in people with slightly elevated levels.


Watermelon contains potassium as well as citrulline, which helps the body produce nitric oxide, a substance that relaxes blood vessels and stimulates the flexibility of the arteries, which can lower high blood pressure.


Grapes can also control high blood pressure as they reduce the formation of blood clots.


Pomegranate is another fruit that can lower high blood pressure in the short term. Too bad it’s so expensive! But it’s wonderful.

Red fruits

And finally, the red fruits, such as blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and cherry. They all play an important role in blood clotting and regulating blood pressure. In addition, there are studies that show berries can improve cognition, or brain function.

Amazing, isn’t it? So, did you like to know these 7 wonderful fruits that can lower your high blood pressure in a natural and very pleasant way?

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