She Puts Baby Oil On The Toilet Paper Roll For A Brilliant Reason

There is nothing better than entering a clean and fragrant bathroom, is there? And do you know what’s better?

You can make your bathroom smell good simply and effortlessly. Do you want to know how?

That’s what you will learn in today’s video! Even if it is not your favorite spot of your house, having a clean and fragrant bathroom is a synonym of care.

And if there are two rooms that we always worry about keeping clean and organized, they are the kitchen and the bathroom, right?

Today, there are many different things on the market promising to keep your bathroom smelling good. From air fresheners to scented paper sheets, these products are very easy to find in supermarkets.

But, in today’s video, you will learn how to use baby oil to make your bathroom smell good.

To do it, you will need: 1 toilet paper roll; Baby oil or any essential oil. This will be the smell of your bathroom for many days, so choose the one you like the most.

It is simple, whenever you change your toilet paper roll, put some drops of the oil you chose inside the roll. You don’t need much, just 3 to 5 drops are more than enough. Put the roll in the holder and it’s done!

Whenever someone uses the paper, the motion will release the smell through the air. Easy, isn’t it? Close the door to help keep the smell in.

Besides that, to keep your bathroom always smelling good, you can:

Clean the trash whenever necessary, to avoid smells;
Regularly clean the place, at least once a week;
Regularly wash or change the sanitary brush, to avoid smells and to keep the cleaning efficient.

See? These tricks, even though simple, help a lot to keep your bathroom clean.

Following these tips, your bathroom will always be clean and smelling good.

Do you know any tricks to keep the bathroom smelling good? Share it in the comments.