The Real Reason Why You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night

Do you wake up at 1 A.M., or do you sleep the whole night?

Some people wake up in the middle of the night without any apparent reason.

Is this your case?

If you are like this, know that other people go through the same thing.

Sleep interruptions are common when there are worries in your life, constant thoughts, or during a stressful situation.

But, other times, it happens without any reason.

And what about when you wake up precisely at one in the morning ? There are some explanations for waking up involuntarily at this hour.

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According to traditional Chinese medicine, all people have energy waves in their bodies.

Each energy wave is released by a different organ in specific moments of the day.

When there is a physical or emotional issue, these signs are sent with more intensity, which causes the person to either get sleepy or lose their sleep.

So, waking up at 1 in the morning might be evidence of something wrong with your health.

According to this ancient medicine, people who wake up at this hour usually have gallbladder issues.

1 A.M. is when the body processes cholesterol and improves brain function.

This is also when the liver starts to cleanse toxins, which could mean a liver problem.

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1 A.M. is when the blood sugar levels are at their lowest.

You develop anxiety and stress if you aren’t sleeping or if you wake up at this time.

This imbalance in your sleep is also linked to your daily habits, such as bad eating, alcohol, and smoking.

People going through resentment, repressed anger, irritability, frustration, hate, rage, outrage and bitterness in their lives are also prone to lose sleep between 1 and 3 in the morning since the liver is associated with anger.

To recover and strengthen the energies that favor happiness, you should seek professional help as soon as morning comes.

It is incredible how the body can send us different signs about our physical and emotional states.

So, we all must learn how to listen and recognize these signs to improve our lives.