These Simple Habits Will Make You Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym

Do you want to lose weight but don’t like going to the gym?

Did you know there are some surprising ways of losing weight?

The fourth item is something you probably never imagined, so you had to bring it to the channel.

Although exercise and a healthy diet surely help you stay fit, there are some uncommon ways of burning calories. Did you know that?

Most of these things don’t take too long and, if done regularly, will help you stay fit without going to the gym for hours.

Drinking cold water

Hydration is key for your general health and wellness, but the way you drink water can actually increase your calorie burn.

If you like drinking warm or room temperature water, adding a few ice cubes can help you shed a few pounds.

When you drink cold water, the body needs to warm it to body temperature, temporarily stimulating the metabolism.

Doing house chores

Scrubbing the floor or washing the dishes can be annoying, but these small chores help you lose weight while keeping your house clean.

An hour washing and drying up dishes can burn 100 calories, while cleaning the bathroom for 35 minutes can burn as many calories as 35-minutes on a treadmill. How incredible is that?

Smelling vanilla

If you think that just by sniffing a cookie, you will gain weight, then you will be happy to learn that certain smells can contribute to weight loss.

Researchers found that overweight people who had skin adhesives with vanilla aroma craved fewer sweets. If you don’t like the idea of adhesives on your skin, you can wear a vanilla perfume, which will make you smell delicious while curbing your appetite.

Lowering the heater

As the cold season approaches, we naturally want to turn on the heater, but keeping the environment cold can help you shed some pounds. Did you know that?

Like drinking cold water, staying in a cold room can be beneficial for calorie burn. Studies show that exposure to low temperatures trigger calorie burn and contributes to weight loss.

Drinking green tea

We mentioned this tea a handful of times on the channel, but we couldn’t leave it out of this list. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, and besides making your skin look younger, it can efficiently burn calories.

Since it contains catechin and catechins, green tea stimulates the metabolism, and helps the body break down fats easily.

But a single cup of tea won’t solve your issues.

Studies show that you need three to five cups of green tea a day to actually see the results.

So, did you ever hear of these ways of burning calories?

What are your secrets to keeping your shape? Tell us!