This Leaf Can Destroy Viruses, Bacteria And Treat Many Disorders

Did you know that banana leaf is also a powerful medicinal plant?  

And we’ll talk about the amazing benefits of this plant today. Also, you’ll learn how to prepare banana leaf tea,  which can be a real natural remedy for many problems.

You surely know what shape and texture a banana leaf has. After all, this peculiar tree produces one of the most famous fruits in the world: the banana.

But have you ever heard that the banana leaf also has medicinal properties? Before I tell you about the benefits of this powerful leaf, tell me:  do you eat bananas often ?

How do you prefer to consume them?  In a porridge, in recipes, or as fresh fruit?

Learn more about the benefits of the banana leaf:

Improves digestion

Taken properly, banana leaf tea can aid digestion by reducing bloating and irritation of the intestinal mucosa, thus improving the digestive process.

It also helps eliminate parasites, worms, bacteria and even viruses  that have taken up residence somewhere in the digestive tract.

Relieves respiratory congestion

Drinking banana leaf tea or inhaling the steam from the infusion can be a holy remedy for respiratory congestion caused by colds and flu.

This is because it helps reduce inflammation and infection in the respiratory tract and reduces swelling by relaxing the muscles and mucous membranes in the area.

It helps heal wounds

Banana leaves can be used to treat wounds. Simply knead a sufficient amount of the herb into a poultice   and then apply it to the area that needs to be well cleaned.

This natural product has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in healing.

It can help fight blood diseases

Banana has several properties that promote blood purification and help the kidneys eliminate toxins circulating in the bloodstream.

These properties are also present in the banana leaf. Therefore, consumption of this natural remedy in the form of tea  can prevent blood diseases caused by these impurities.

Helps with toothache

According to popular belief, chewing banana leaves can relieve toothache. Interestingly, this benefit has now been proven by scientific studies.

Now that you know the benefits of banana leaves, learn how to make tea from them:

  • 200g fresh banana leaves;
  • 300ml boiling water.

Add the banana leaves to the boiling water and cover the container. Let the tea brew for 10 minutes. After this time you can strain the tea and drink it.

This recipe is good for one person. However, the tea should be drunk at least twice every day  for up to a week to get an improvement in symptoms.

At the end of this period, you should take a break for at least 15 days before drinking the tea again. It’s important to know that banana leaves can significantly lower blood sugar levels. 

Therefore, if you suffer from hypoglycemia, you should refrain from consuming it. Also, remember to wash the leaves well  and don’t consume the tea in large quantities, as it can have side effects.

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