With This Simple Recipe You Will Keep Your Carpets As Clean As New

Do you know how to clean your rugs?

The correct sanitization of these accessories is essential to preserve and prolong their durability and beauty. Cleaning them is also important for the health of people and the balance of the environment.

The good news is that cleaning your rugs doesn’t require too much effort. With just a few products that you have at home, you can keep everything clean and save some time in your routine.

Let’s see:

Cornmeal and borax

We have a video about the different uses of borax on the channel. Did you watch it? Do you want to see why these two ingredients are perfect for cleaning rugs?

Borax is a potent cleaning product, while cornmeal eliminates bad smells and helps clean stains and dirt. Nice, isn’t it?

Combine 2 parts of cornmeal to 1 part of borax and mix well. Spray over your rug. Let it act for an hour to an hour and a half, then vacuum your rug.

Cinnamon, clove, and alcohol

Did you know that alcohol is one of the best cleaning agents? Cinnamon and cloves have antifungal properties and give a nice aroma to your carpets and rugs.

For this recipe, you will need: 3.4 oz. rubbing alcohol; 2 cinnamon sticks; 10 cloves; 1.7 oz. water; Boil the cinnamon sticks and cloves in the water and wait for it cool down.

Combine the infusion (without straining it) with the alcohol in a spray bottle, and let it act overnight. After 24 hours, you can use your mixture.

Spray it over your rugs and let it air-dry. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide This recipe is good if your rug is stained.

Make a paste using baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and apply it over the stains. Let the mixture act for a few minutes, then remove with a paper towel or a white, dry cloth.

Don’t rub it, or the stain will spread to other places. Don’t use colored papers or newspapers, as they release paint and can worsen the situation.

Did you like these tips? Try them and share your experience with us.